Inessa approached me to create a whole suite of materials for their high-end supplements brand.

Their products are designed by the UK’s leading nutraceutical designer and nutrition practitioners. Designed to contain the most absorbable forms of supplements at doses that have been proven to provide health benefits.


"The branding should be something that they are comfortable leaving out in their kitchen or bathroom."

Using modern typography and a dark holistic colour palette I created a visual language that is trustworthy, healthy and premium.



Once the branding was all signed off packaging concepts were then developed alongside printed materials.

With a lot of confusion and overselling in the current market. The transparent messaging and eye catching design helps the packaging standout online against the garish colours of cheaper quality brands. No apples or leaf motifs to be found here!




Shopify Ecommerce Website

As well as being an Amazon choice brand they wanted to sell online. I designed and set them up with a site which is powered by Shopify. Their blog allows them to have guest authors to show they’re experts within their industry.


Email templates

Email marketing is a key part of any business, I designed and built templates that allow Inessa to regularly send out messages to their subscribers.


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